Creative tourism or experiential tourism : what do other countries do ?

« The one who travels without meeting others do not travel, he’s only moving » Alexandra David-Néel

Experiential, creative, participative tourism is spreading all over the world. Remarkably, travelers from different countries/cultures are looking for the same thing: a total immersion during which the five senses are awakened, thanks to experts sharing their know-how.

Creative tourism is no longer a niche, but a new way to travel, and for territories or countries a way to develop their brand image and to consolidate a tourism linked sector of the economy.

To make the dream of travelers come true through experiences (Canada)


Experiential tourism in Gaspésie


Creative Tourism in Austria


Santa Fe, New-Mexico (U.S.A)


Province of Namur (Belgium)

The richness of our touristic offer is its diversity.

Thanks to this new concept of creative tourism, we are strengthening our potential of attraction with a friendly and enjoyable original touch. It’s an undeniable asset for the Valley Country.

When most European destinations communicate on the same touristic assets and when Internet connects people, creative tourism offers unique experiences, marked by humanity and friendliness.

Excerpts from the press release of Jean- Marc Van Espen, Deputy of the Province of Namur (June 4, 2014)

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